State of the Storm

Date: 5/08/2020

Hello, this is Tom McKee, I am the director of the Storm Lacrosse Club. We and by we, I mean all of the lacrosse community in the country, have experienced something which seems to be a bad dream that we just can't wake up from. The spring season was canceled and we were left with disappointed players, coaches, parents and fans, we all are experiencing a loss and it hurts. At the Storm we have been patiently waiting like everyone else to see how this situation will eventually play out. The states are in control of the summer lacrosse season, to date there is no clear answer as to if we will be allowed to participate on the scale of the traditional lacrosse festivals/tournaments. Right now it seems everything is on a slow rollout, with stop-gap measures all along the way. We know all of you are ready to play now. However the situation is so fluid we can't be for certain when it will be safe. There is just too much uncertainty and we want to make sure we put this in the rearview before we take the field. We have potential fall and winter contingencies that we will have more on at a later date. What I am saying (which pains me to do so) is that Storm Lacrosse will not be playing this summer. We want to make sure everyone is safe and can enjoy lacrosse without worry, players parents and children. I have always found lacrosse to be a family game that brings together parents, grandparents and close friends, I would hate for someone to get sick because of our haste to play. More information on the fall/winter plan will be made public as soon as details are confirmed. Thank you for your time and attention, stay safe and stay healthy. Tom McKee Please continue to follow the Storm (and share your pictures!) on our social platforms, we would love to hear from you.

Concerning Tryouts

Date: 3/16/2020

Amid the current state of the coronavirus, Storm Lacrosse will NOT be having tryouts this year. Most facilities are shut down temporarily and in an effort to keep everyone safe, these extra few months of "isolation" are the safest option in our eyes. However, signups for Summer are now OPEN. Signups are for Middle School and High School. We are expecting a high volume turnout this year, so please sign up as soon as possible or you may risk missing out. Stay safe!